Conference 2013 “Public Procurement for Consumables”

After Conference

On the 22nd November 2013, the National Chamber of Commerce held a conference organized by Biuromax “Public Procurement for Consumables” with the  aim to confront public procurement rules with the offer of the industry represented by the manufacturers of remanufactured cartridges. Conference was attended by close to sixty participants. Thanks everyone who came to the meeting. From our perspective, it was a very successful event.

At the conference participants discussed vital issues concerning the rules governing the law of admission of recycled consumables to public tenders. Biuromax proposed to set up an association that would fight for the rights of Polish manufacturers of consumables and for efficient minimize the number of Chinese products flooding the Polish market.

Mr. Vincent van Dijk - Secretary-General representing ETIRA - spoke about the current market situation in the context of the import of Chinese ‘clones’ to Europe. He spoke about the threats, but also about challenges for the industry. He presented the "Guide to clones", which can be helpful for education of officials and customers. The document contains also information regarding civil and  legal responsibility for importing Chinese clones. 

The Polish legislation still lacks appropriate provisions admitting remanufactured consumables to public tenders. The current provisions in the specifications simply exclude them, thus supporting the Chinese imports of new in 100% product, called clones.

In the second part of the meeting Mrs Danuta Jaskulska discussed the laws and regulations, on which public procurement is based. She revealed a significant lack of knowledge on the subject shown by the authorities, pointed examples of incorrect entries in the Terms of Reference, and presented means of legal protection for bidders.

Mrs Dorota Kromołowska, Procurement Department Manager, and ISO Representative of ‘KRIS’, spoke about the process of standardization, quality standards and certificates as well as about the assumptions consistent with Public Procurement Law, which should represent guidelines for officials. She mentioned also contradicting entries in the Terms of Reference. 

Mr Przemyslaw Ligęzowski, Vice President of ECOPARTNER discussed the legal basis and practices in waste trade including empty cartridges. 

Mrs Carolina Wrześniak-Cwyl, Product Manager of Biuromax introduced a topic, that initiated an interesting discussion and aroused the greatest excitement among the participants. The topic concerned  the setting up an industry organization, that would lobby for remanufactured cartridges. Justifying the need for a representation of the industry she pointed out, that consolidated activities offered by such an association could play an important role. There are dozens of organizations in the industry of consumables around the word - among them  UKCRA (UK), CRRA (CZ), ETIRA (UK) that successfully support and protect their own market against Chinese competition and help each other and affiliated companies in all actions.

The following people also appeared as speakers:


  • Daniel Dragański, the owner of INKSPOT, who reminded the actions of SPAME, the section of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, which represent the industry so far.
  • Dariusz Blachut from Laser 1, who moderated the discussion and
  • Barbara Uklańska from the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications, who mentioned other companies that have set up an association and acted under the ‘protection’ of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. 

By organizing the conference Biuromax not only created the opportunity for other industry representatives to meet but also made the first step toward changes. Biuromax raised several questions and opened  a discussion that cannot and should not be continued behind closed doors. 


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