Chips for use in Lexmark MS317/MX317, MS817/MX718 and in others

We have enriched our regular offer with chips for remanufacture Lexmark toner series MS and MX, i.a.: MS817/MX717, MS317/417/517/617, MX317/417/517/617, M1140, M1145. Please find below a list of new chips you can find now in our offer:

Biuromax code: KLECH071BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark MS317/MS417/MS517/MS617/MX317/MX417/MX517/MX617 black 2,5k universal/all regionBiuromax code: KLECH072BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark MS817/MS818/MX717/MX718 black 25k universal/all regionBiuromax code: KLECH073BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark (24B6213) M1140/XM1140 black 10kBiuromax code: KLECH074BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark (24B6035) M1145/XM1145 black 16kBiuromax code: KLECH075BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark (24B6186) M3150/XM3150 black 16kBiuromax code: KLECH076BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark (24B6015) M5155/M5163/M5170/XM5163/XM5170 black 35kBiuromax code: KLECH077BWNUIMDescription: Chip Mr Switch do Lexmark XM7155/XM7163/XM7170 black 35k

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