About us


Biuromax is the distributor of original and alternative consumables for copiers, printers and multifunctional devices, as well as of raw materials and components for the remanufacture of laser and ink cartridges. We offer our products for resale to customers locally and abroad.

Biuromax owes its dynamic development to cooperation with selected manufacturers, flexibility, rapid response to novelty but most of all to client’s trust-building and the fact that Biuromax team continuously improves the standards of service in response to customer needs.

We always provide our clients with alternative solutions, so that their offer to final customers would be competitive. We support our clients and do not compete with them (we do not supply end customers and we do not participate in state tenders).


2012 the Company joined ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association). ETIRA was established in 2003 to represent interests of the EU remanufacturers of laser and ink cartridges for printers. ETIRA offers a wide selection of services to its members, but  the main task of ETIRA is to create a positive image of the regenerated cartridge as a fully-fledged product. 

ETIRA is also working on the topics such as quality, standardization, regulations and legal advice and effectively manages the code of conduct for remanufacture and registered trademark, usage of which is made available to those members who abide by that code.

ETIRA is a non-profit organization with a seat in Brussels and the Secretary General Office with a seat in Breda (Holland).



2008 - Biuromax has become a member of KIGEiT (the Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications) which is a non-profit organization whose members manufacture, trade or service for the sector electronics and telecommunication. 

The main missions of KIGEiT are:

  • to represent  and protect the economic interests of its members by cooperation with ministries, authorities and various institutions
  • to conduct research, provide scientific opinions and analyses
  • to appoint experts 
  • to initiate and support the participation of members in the EU development projects
  • to monitor the electronic market (technical and economic analyses and expertise for its members)
  • customs policy for the electronics sector



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