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Good Business is based on Strong Relationships

Values of the Brand

Company means people. And people mean emotions, on which we build our relationships. Interpersonal skills are the priceless value for every organization. Today only those companies develop and grow, which continuously devote themselves to nurturing their relationships with customers.

Customers, on the other hand, present various personalities and characters. They are looking for their partners’ understanding and practical approach. Such relations create true business culture that consist of honesty, kindness, openness and commitment.

All the above values are the core values of Biuromax. We have been nurturing our relationship with customers and suppliers for 25 years now.

The nineties of the last century were a rough start. When my son suggests that in those times anyone could have run a company, I ask him why so few of today’s fifty-years-olds are still in business. The beginning of  the twenty first century has  formed our today’s profile but only now we decided to make those values mentioned earlier our distinguishing feature and to highlight them in our marketing and communication. As a part of the marketing strategy Biuromax focuses equally on the quality of our relations with partners and on the improvement of our offer and operational processes. All that with the aim of maintaining high standards and satisfaction of our customers. Only properly understood constructive cooperation may create the basis of a long term business ‘friendship’, which in turn may result in above average success.

We strongly believe in those values and we are certain, that it is them that stimulate the dynamic growth of  Biuromax.  They made us one of the most competitive companies in our industry. 

We look forward to working with you,

Prezes Zarządu
Dariusz Woźniak

Agata Szczepanik - Sales manager:

Customers, I have been working with for many many years now, know  that they can count on me. They are aware that I will deal with every problem reported. I will not ignore it and I always listen to what they say.

It happens that I am not able to help them myself, but then I can rely on my co-workers’ cooperation.

For my customers often more important than the final effect itself are the actions taken and attempts made to solve the problem. I often hear surprise in my customers’ comments, that I will help, I will check something, look something up, even do something for them… apparently sales representatives in other companies are not that helpful.

I have just started  my 14th year with Biuromax. Despite my many additional responsibilities I still provide services to a large group of customers. My experience clearly shows that openness, kindness and treating customers as valuable assets is extremely important for building long term relationships. And those I value the most.

With many  customers I established business relationships 14 years ago and on account of our good relations and understanding only, I have not transferred the care of my customers  to other sales representatives, despite my numerous other responsibilities.

Do I have a recipe for building such intimate relationships? I am sure that what counts most is ‘to be’ for the customer and to keep the promise made regardless of the situation. To do everything to satisfy the customers, make him feel understood and appreciated.

If you ask me, that is the essence of work at Biuromax.