baner Strategia Circural Economy


CIRCULAR ECONOMY, also known as closed-circuit ECONOMY, assumes a transformation from a linear to CIRCULAR model of ECONOMY that involves again the use of waste as raw materials. More and more innovation-seeking companies implement the above thinking, also in search of higher efficiency, reducing waste of resources and their environmental impact at the same time.

The CIRCULAR ECONOMY, as stated above, improves a company's market position and it's efforts towards ecological and ethical business practice. Biuromax has been involved in environment-friendly innovations for years. Taking care of the natural environment is our duty and responsibility to future generations.


The idea of CIRCULAR ECONOMY is to maximize the use of every available resource or raw material, taking into account the safety of human beings and their environment. Which is a clear shift away from the linear economy of 'gain- produce-use-dispose' scheme to a circular model of 'produce-use-use again' as waste is used again as new input. 

The value of material and product remains at the same level for a long time while the waste is kept low, thus allowing for the transfer of material from one industry branch to another.

On one hand, the CIRCULAR model leads to minimizing the use of nonrenewable resources (their availability is limited or diminishing) and to maximize the use of material used previously - on the other. 


Circular Economy in the enterprise

The CIRCULAR ECONOMY, as stated above, improves a company's market position and it's efforts towards ecological and ethical business practice.

This matches work philosophy at Biuromax. We have been long and heavily promoting the remanufacturing of printer cartridges in our business practice, adjusting our product range accordingly. We also support other entities engaged in the CIRCULAR ECONOMY strategy. We participate in projects of key interests of our branch, an example joining ETIRA, an association lobbying for remanufactured products.


Circular Economy at Biuromax

The CIRCULAR ECONOMY strategy is a fulfillment of Biuromax assumptions, enhances the sense of mission associated with our activity, and emphasizes the company's distinguishing features against the market competition. From a business point of view, it enables us to reach new clients, especially those who also care about the environment.

The implementation of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY creates more business opportunities as companies become more competitive in economic communities. In addition, the European Union imposes an obligation on public entities to include recycled products in public tenders. 

Our main objective is to develop an awareness of printers users to look at remanufactured products as a quality offer and one that is environment friendly. Eventually, both will benefit: our planet and us, it's users.


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