Complaints shipments

While receiving the consignment from the carrier please always check that it has no signs of damage. In case of complaint to the recipient is obliged to make a record of complaint with a representative of the shipping company and notify your supervisor of trade.

Incompatibility of supply with invoice

Complaints concerning incompatibility of supply with the invoice or order please inform directly your supervisor.

Complaints about the quality of the product

Complaints can be made within 3 months from the date of purchase of the goods.
Complaints are processed within 1 month.
If it is necessary to obtain an expert opinion, this period may be extended.

To start the complaint procedure, please:

Dokładnie wypełnić i przesłać formularz zgłoszenia reklamacji i zwrotów online dostępny na stronie


Pobrać formularz reklamacji i zwrotów ze strony, i przesłać wypełniony formularz na e-mail: lub fax: 22 735 44 90 i poczekać na nadanie numeru RMA
Pack complaining goods carefully with the form and at your own expense please send us. Place on the package given an RMA number and enclose a copy of the consignment and the counter test, if product was installed on the device. In the case of the original products depending on the brand to consider the complaint it is necessary also to add the service reports:
  • Sharp = SIM22-06
  • Ricoh, NRG = SMC Report (Logging Data + SP Mode Data),
  • Konica Minolta = Machine Management List
  • Kyocera Mita = Status Page
  • Canon = P-PRINT

Goods will not be refunded if they have been damaged mechanically.
Toner scattered in the package, should be reported immediately.
The deadline for complaint is the date of the sale of this commodity to the next customer.
Used goods aren’t subject to refunds or complaints.
Complaints and Returns without filling the required fields in the form will not be considered.
If complaint is accepted, a credit note will be issued for the claimed product.


Biuromax allows to object in writing to returns of new, full-fledged goods, not taped, not allowed in the current BIUROMAX offer, reported within 10 days from the date of purchase, provided that the sale of the goods was not purchased on a special order. Returns are provided

Admission of return and further issue of correction invoice is filling the Return protocol (same as in complaint) and send back the materials purchased in Biuromax on the Buyer cost.

To make a complaint, customer needs to provide following:

  • Purchase date of damaged item
  • Product code of damaged item
  • Product serial number
  • Purchase date of device
  • Model code of device
  • Serial number of device

Together with damaged element, client should send following documents to the service:

  • Purchase confirmation (bill)
  • Reason of return/complaint


For more information regarding returns and claims please contact:
More information - Paweł Radgowski 22 735 44 91

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