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Biuromax – About the Company

Biuromax has been the first and only distributor of the world leading manufacturers of materials for remanufacture. The company began its activity in the nineties and despite many changes in the Polish reality and economy became a strongly growing company with an established market position. 

In 1989,  when Biuromax was being established, anyone could start a company, unfortunately not everyone showed such a determination and dedication to success.  Not everyone was able to appreciate opportunities offered by the Polish emerging economy and to expensively enter global markets at the same time. Biuromax has sized those opportunities and became the leader in its sector.

The company owes the dynamic growth not only to its long term experience but first of all to the cooperation with selected manufacturers and swift reaction to the market changes and innovations. Knowledge of the sector and international markets enabled Biuromax to prepare an extensive and competitive offer. This enables Biuromax to offer the customers a wide selection of products and therefore many alternative solutions. The Company’s offer includes original and alternative consumables for copiers, printers and multifunctional devices as well as raw materials and components for remanufacture of laser and ink cartridges. 

As the only distributor of raw materials for remanufacture in Poland Biuromax cooperates with numerous global organizations that  act on behalf of the sector, among them with ETIRA (EU), UKCRA (UK), CRRA (CZ). The Company promotes and supports the remanufacturers in Poland. In November 2013 Biuromax  organized a conference for the sector of remanufacture to address issues related to rules governing the admission of remanufactured consumables to public tenders. The Company initiated discussions with a view to set up a Polish trade association that would represent common interests and  campaign for admitting the remanufactured cartridges to public procurement. 

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Since 2008 Biuromax has been a member of KIGEiT (the Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications) and in 2012 the Company joined ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association).

The principle of the Company and its way to success is based on the relations of a partnership in business. 

„Good Business is based on Strong Relationships”