Of new experiences that are always valuable

From Monday, April 20th we are back on duty at our office in Baniocha. It is – at least partially – a return to a much-anticipated operating mode. Most of the Biuromax team returned to their desks with joy (quite often – and we admit it openly – to run away from domestic duties and school tasks of our kids who are currently in home education).

How does Biuromax operate right now?

Each division is represented by no more than two persons appointed to be on duty. As a result of that, just 10 people out of the whole 40-person team are present at the office. In order to additionally limit the risk, we have appointed fixed teams – so that our employees meet the same people each time.

The necessary safety measures – keeping a proper distance, disinfecting hands and keeping the office spotlessly clean – are a reminder of the current situation. No matter if we are on duty or working from home, we remain available to our clients.

What have we learned from remote work?

Before the epidemic, the idea of our work was focused mainly on direct contacts with clients: meetings, talks, trainings, supplementary education, organising and dispatching deliveries. This is why the change in the operational mode of the office was quite revolutionary for us.

The several weeks in which we had to switch entirely to remote work have taught us a lot. Above all, such an experience really strengthens the relationships within the team! We depend on our mutual help to a much greater degree. We take responsibility not only for our own actions, but also for the pace and quality of information passed on to the other team members – as the information flows via phone and internet only. Because of that, the effectiveness of the whole team depends on each of us and all decisions and actions have quick results.

How did we perform? We can proudly say that even at the stage of remote work we haven’t “lost” a single query from our clients!

Another thing that turned out to be vital to us was motivation. How do you stay motivated when you are working at your own desk, in your study or living room, which – let us admit it – is not too well suited to office work? What proved to be essential was to choose a fixed spot – as well as a certain ritual at home- the time when you start your computer work, so that your husband/wife/kids know that you are busy and should not be interrupted.

When it comes to staying motivated, what helped us was the right mindset. We focused on the goal – that is, our specific duties, tasks, queries. We also held frequent video conferences, during which we discussed crucial issues and projects. Focusing on the planned goals allowed us to experience satisfaction with each completed task instead of just counting the days until the return to the office. This was the key to success!

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