Automatic price list

Which you can import directly into your sales system.

Wierzymy, że takie rozwiązanie pozwoli Ci zaoszczędzić czas i stanie się cennym wsparciem w codziennej działalności.
Z cenników automatycznych możesz skorzystać, jeśli posiadasz u nas konto.
W sprawie szczegółów skontaktuj się z Twoim dedykowanym doradcą Biuromax.

Information for IT department

The CVS and XML files contain the following data:

  • product code (Biuromax code)
  • product name
  • product description
  • OEM code (manufacturer’s symbol)
  • EAN code (simplifies product identification during receipt of goods by the warehouse)
  • customer price (individually negotiated prices are included)
  • inventory
  • date of next delivery
  • the product group to which the product belongs
  • unique internal product identifier (unchanged over time)

The CVS file is programmed in UTF-16 (Little Endian) format with BOM sign (U+FEFF, 0xFF, 0xFE sequence), the separator is a table sign – file programmed this way opens correctly with Microsoft Excel.

XML file is programmed in UTF-8 format without BOM sign, coding UTF-8 is identified in XML disclaim (first line of XML document).

The Client receives an internet link to the files with the price lists prepared for him.

The link is as well an access key (and it is a trade secret). Downloading files is easy to automate because no additional authentication involving using intervention is required.

The link is unchangeable over time, unless the client requests to be changed, in fear that it may have been made available to unauthorized people.

młoda kobieta w towarzystwie kolegów korzystająca z komputera

For example, the client acquires an internet link: (to jest przykładowe łącze, żadne cenniki nie są pod nim publikowane)

By opening the link in a web browser it will find the following files for download:

  • cennik_PL_PLN.csv
  • cennik_PL_PLN.csv.gz
  • cennik_PL_PLN.xml
  • cennik_PL_PLN.xml.gz
  • opis_kolumn.txt

Files with the .gz extension are compressed versions of the files without .gz extensions. The compression tool used is gzip, normally available in Linux environments (whilst Windows is read e.g by 7-zip).

Due to the very high compression ration (~1:10), we recommend downloading files in a compressed form, especially when the downloading can take place multiple times throughout the day.

Aby otrzymać łącze do swojego cennika prosimy o kontakt ze swoim opiekunem handlowym. Jeżeli nie chcą Państwo występować o dostęp do cennika, a jedynie zapoznać się z przykładowymi plikami, również proszę zgłosić to do swojego opiekuna.

Examples of how to easily automate the download of price lists.

Downloading the price list is executed by one command in Windows or Linux systems, which should be added to the script that runs periodically. Your IT specialist will not have a problem with this.

- or -
wget -O - | gunzip -c > cennik_PL_PLN.csv
- or -
wget -O - | gunzip -c > cennik_PL_PLN.xml

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