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Michael Toutant

Raven Industries

What are the business relationships?

For me, business has always been firstly personal and secondly business. If you respect your customer and value the relationship, business will manage on its own. I also believe that in order for the business relationship to last they require a face-to-face contact. There is a limit to what can be accomplished over the phone or Internet.

To what extend the relationships decide on longlasting cooperation with Biuromax?

A long-term strategic partnership is being built on trust, confidence and positive experience and developed over time. There will always be competition offering lower costs and new promises. A positive relationship, which results in a win-win situation for all parties, will survive these short-term threats.

Which aspects of the relationship with Biuromax can indicate their greatest strengths?

Dariusz Wozniak and I knew each other long before we started doing business. Raven was doing business with another company in Poland and Biuromax was getting toner from different manufacturer. When the opportunity for change occured for both companies, we decided to initiate our business relationship. Biuromax was a professional company that values premium quality and service. This matched up perfectly with Raven’s core values, which we look for in our Authorized Country Distributors.

Can the relationships directly influence the positive image of the brand?

Quality, Service and Trust establish a relationship and a brand. You must consistently have all three properties to establish a long-term strategic partnership or customer base.It would be very much appreciated if you could please provide your answers at your earliest convenience.

Peter Knak

Imex EU Trading SRL

What are the business relationships?

Although markets became more and more transparent, relationships are still the key to successful operating in today’s business environment. Good business relations develop over time. To establish these, both parties need to prove honesty, stability and reliability. If that was achieved over a certain period of time, the general business ethics of the companies and the personalities of main points of contact are matching, then good business relationships will be established. Such relationships are important in order to identify and understand what your partner actually needs and to build the necessary trust for a long-term cooperation.

To what extend the relationships decide on long-lasting cooperation with Biuromax?

It is important to present a high level of understanding of your customers needs if you are a sales company (supplier). For a producer, it is important to find distribution partners who have strong relationships with their customers. Only these partners are able to understand what their customer requirements are, and feed this information back to their suppliers, helping them to gain better understanding of the actual market demands. Moreover for us as a supplier, the above mentioned market expertise and long-term vision of the partner is important. Suppliers receive them as more predictable. We have chosen Biuromax to be distributors of our products, because they are offering the above-mentioned features and proved to be an honest and professional partner over the years. 

Which aspect of relationship with Biuromax can indicate their greatest strength? 

Biuromax do not only see themselves as an outlet for printing consumables, but they also try to use the leading position in their market to move our industry forward. Dariusz Wozniak always seemed to have the vision not to just offer printing consumable solutions for the Polish recycling market, but he also tried to bring key people of our industry together to educate them and to improve the personal relations. Not only between his company and their customers. His aim is to create a better understanding between the different players in the recycling community.

Can the relationships directly influence the positive image of the brand?

Although we are all working for companies, at the end of the day business is done between individuals. People deal with people. If personal relationship with the representative of a company is good, we tend to receive the entire company or brand more positively. So yes, relationships have a direct impact on brand image.

Agnieszka Frąszczak


How would you define relations in business environment?

These are the same interpersonal relations that are part of entire social life. I would underline the word interpersonal. It is the person and their character, that are the most important in what we can call satisfaction of all parties actively taking part in circulation of goods. The direct interactions between people, according to me, tighten the bonds between us also in economic dimension. 

How much do these relations influence the frequency of orders and long-term cooperation with Biuromax? 

Today the competition on the market is noticeable in almost all fields of commerce and service. Very often small details determine the choice of business partners. Even the person, who is best prepared for the job, who has endearing personality will not decide on their own of commercial success of the company without the storage base. However if all those elements harmonize with each other it should determine that I will choose their offer. The frequency of contacts is influenced by their quality and what they introduce to the offer of KSERO-PARTNER.

Which aspects of relationship with the sales representative of Biuromax can be recognized as the biggest asset? 

Fulfillment of the cooperation elements mentioned earlier by me. In Agata Szczepanik I see this positive human aspect and in wide range offer of Biuromax - purely business factor. When contacting Agata I can count on quick reaction to various and changeable approach of our clients. I give a lot of attention to competent information about innovations on the market. Owner of the company KSERO-PARTNER Mikolaj Fraszczak was successful in his business thanks to being flexible and being able to see new solutions. Agata is this kind of person that harmonizes in a competent way with this kind of understanding of successful business. 

Can the relationships directly influence the positive image of the brand? 

This question contains an answer. This may not be a dogma but an important pillar that influences the reception of Biuromax brand. This can be supplemented with unshaken service under the terms of guarantee. It creates reliability of keeping the stable level of quality of maintenance materials, especially those that are newly introduced to the market.

To what extent the customer service and its elements can be particularly translated to satisfaction with cooperation with Biuromax?

All of them were already mentioned. I personally cannot imagine success of our cooperation even with such wide range offer of Biuromax based only on purchase using the online store. This exchange of experience and hints made our company KSERO PARTNER choose Biuromax. I believe that thanks to discussions we pay more attention to wide range offer. It satisfies our customers, which is the most important to us, and creates our image. I get the impression that Agata is noticing those dependencies in a natural way. I am glad that internet website of Biuromax became only a tool that helps making right choices not a form of interpersonal contacts.

Wiesław Kawalec

Druk Tech

What are the business relationships?

For me the relationships in business mean mutual understanding of the needs of both business partners in different cooperation areas. To sum up provider knows the needs of their recipients and with due diligence fulfills them in logistic, financial and personal spheres. On the other hand - the recipient (client) realizes and knows the needs of their provider...

How much do these relations influence the frequency of orders and long-term cooperation with Biuromax?

Continuing discussion about relations in business we may clearly state that this is probably the most important aspect of cooperation. Can the shortages in stock levels, lack of trade information, lack of professionalism of sales representatives (and common interpersonal perception), frequent changes, financial settlements (or lack of them) build long-term business relationships... I do not think so. 8 years of cooperation with Biuromax prove the positive relations between our companies and the number of orders and their regularity may prove that we will cooperate for much longer...

Which aspects of relationship with Biuromax can be recognized as the biggest assets? 

Long-term cooperation with Biuromax strengthened our position in the market. The biggest contribution we attribute to the team of competent and devoted people, of course, who spare no effort in making their actions, bring expected results. We are most grateful for the professional care of the employees of Biuromax, their technical support, sale of high quality products and on top of that, rational prices.

Can the relationships directly influence the positive image of the brand? 

Every activity in which people realize themselves is based on creative approach to work. While fulfilling the assigned duties we cannot forget about the influence we have on what is being created as well as the impression we make on the people we work with. Interpersonal contacts are uniquely important for establishing personal relations, which may have influence on the image of the company that you represent.

To what extent the customer service and its elements can be particularly translated to satisfaction with cooperation with Biuromax?

Eight years of cooperation with our sales representative Wioletta Jadczak and employees of Biuromax, as well as the relations between us should be described as very good. Accurate advice and building the mutual trust has positive influence on the development of our companies. This is the reason why we value the opinion of Biuromax employees who we stay in touch with and cooperate.