Components for remanufacturing

Our range of compatibles includes all products that are necessary for remanufacture of colour and monochromatic  cartridges. We offer conventional and chemical toners in both, the dedicated and universal versions, for most of the equipment  in the market. Our customers can  also choose from a wide variety of drums whose quality and performance has been proved in tests and which are  supplied by the  best manufacturers. Chips for regeneration are picked carefully and even atypical orders can be satisfied with our 400 models of chips.

We quickly react to innovations and place on the market such products as PCRs, magnetic and charging rollers, seals, plastic parts which constitute integrated solutions for regenerating companies.

Biuromax Own Brands for Remanufacturing Components

Economy Class Toner

The best quality toners designed for laser cartridge remanufacture , that have been manufactured by the world  leading suppliers. They cooperate well with all the popular drums placed in the market.

Business Class Toners

The best quality polyester and chemical toners for remanufacturing.

Superb Class Toners

A new brand of high quality toners for remanufacturing.

Mr Switch Chips